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1. [Am] Tonight we [F] dance [G] I lay my [F] life, in your [Am] hands [Am] We take the [F] floor, [G] nothing is [F] forbidden any [E] more Don't let the [Am] world in outside Don't let the [F] moment go by [C] Nothing can [G] stop us to- [E] night Chorus: Baila- [Am] mos let the [G] rhythm take you [F] over Baila- [Am] mos Te [G] quiero amor [F] mio, baila- [Am] mos Gonna [G] live this [F] night forever Baila- [Am] mos Te [G] quiero amor [F] mio, te [E] quiero 2. [Am] Tonight I'm [F] yours, [G] we can make it [F] happen I'm so [Am] sure [G] Now I'm letting [F] go, [G] there is something I [F] think you should [E] know I won't be [Am] leaving your side We're gonna [F] dance through the night [C] I'm gonna reach [G] for the [E] stars * (Whoa, oh oh [Am] oh) [G] Tonight we [F] dance (Whoa, oh oh [Am] oh) [G] Like no tomor- [F] row (Whoa oh oh [Am] oh) [G] If you will [F] stay with [Am] me Te quiero, mi amor. Quedate conmigo, esta noche . Quedate mi cielo

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