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Be Alright

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CAPO 2ND FRET! [G]across the ocean, across the [D]sea [Em]starting to forget the way you look at [C]me now over the [G]ocean and across the [D]sky starting to [Em]forget the way you look in my [C]eyes for [G]you i would [D]walk a thousand miles to [Em]be in your arms [C]holding my heart [G]oh i, [D]oh i i [Em]love you [C]everything’s gonna be [G]-[D]-[C]alright, i be [G]-[D]-[C]alright, i be [G]-[D]-[C]alright, i through your sorrow, through the fights don’t you worry cause everything’s gonna be alright all alone in my room waiting for your phone call to come soon and for you i would walk a thousand miles to be in your arms, holding my heart oh i, oh i i love you everything’s gonna be alright, i be alright, i be alright, i [Am]you know that i care for you [C]i’ll always be there for you [G]promise i will stay right [Em]here [Am]i know that you want me too [C]baby we can make it through [D]anything cause everything’s gonna be alright, i be alright, i through the sorrow, through the fights everything’s gonna be alright be alright

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