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Be with u

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1. [F] Rain falls [C] on my shoulder [Dm] You bring the [Bb] sun that [Dm] makes my [Bb] life shine [C] brighter [F] everyday If the [Bb] rain wanna [Am] falls forever [F] in my eyes I know [Gm] you will be [C] there to wipe [F] my tears 2. [F] Wind blows [C] away my sadness [Dm] I see you're [Bb] standing [Dm] right in [Bb] front of me and [C] paint my [F] happiness If [Bb] there is gonna [Am] be another wound in [F] my heart I know [Gm] you will be [C] the one to stay [F] beside [C] me Chorus : I wanna [F] stay with you like this In this [C] moment just this [Dm] is To be with [F] you from now [C] until the day I [F] die If tomorrow is [C] goodbye So I will [F] try to stop the [Dm] time To love [F] you and [C] forever be with [F] you 3. [F] Day by day [C] gone so fast [Dm] Seems like the [Bb] day we've [Dm] had is [Bb] over now it's the [C] time to say [F] goodbye I'll [Bb] leave all my [Am] love forever [F] in your heart Because I [Gm] know someday , [C] love will bring us [F] back [C] again.

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