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Beside You

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[F]Throughout the [Am]passing years [Dm] [A7] [Bb]As all the [A7]world seems ever [Dm]changing [F]We share the [Am]smiles and tears [Dm] [A7] [Bb]Of life, with [A7]love that's so far [Dm]ranging [Gm]And after [C]all is [F]said and [Gm]done [F]I'll be the [Bb]one beside [F]you [Bb] [Am] [Gm]I'll be your [C]love and [F]loyal [Gm]friend [F]Until the [Bb]end, beside [F]you [G#] [G] [C7] Đoạn sau tương tự... Each flower bends with time Each leaf descends with every autumn But you and I will find Our love won't die or be forgotten (Chorus) When you and I are grey When youth has gone and life is dimming I promise that I'll stay Beside you, like we were beginning

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