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Cause you are young

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1. [Am] Heartache, heartache, [Em] heart was gold [Dm] All it had you [Am] instant cold Lonely, lonely [Em] wasted years [Dm] You're a winner with bad [Am] souvenirs [F] You're a hero, [C] you're a man [Dm] You're a winner, [G] take my hand Chorus: 'Cause you are [Am] young You will [Em] always be so [Am] strong Hold on [Em] tight to your dreams, hold [G] on You are [Dm] right, don't give [G] up (Baby, baby, baby) 'Cause you are [Am] young You are [G] right and you are [Am] wrong You are a [G] hero, next day you're done So hold [Dm] on to your [G] dreams 2. [Am] All or nothing [Em] you can give [Dm] Live your life, [Am] love to live Oh man, oh man, [Em] feel the night [Dm] Strong enough till the [Am] morning light [F] You're a hero, [C] you're a man [Dm] You're too tough to [G] lose this game

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