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Circle Of Life

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Capo #3 From the [G]day we arrive on the [Am]pl anet And [D]bl inking, step into the [G]s un There's [Em]m ore to be seen than [Am]can e ver be seen More to [F]d o than can ever be [D]d one [G]Some say eat or be [Am]e aten Some [D]say live and let [G]l ive But [Em]all are agreed as [Am]they join the stampede You [F]should never take more than you [D]g ive In the circle of [G]l ife It's the wheel of [F]f ortune It's the leap of [C]f aith It's the band of [D]hope Till we find our [G]place [E] On the path [Am]un winding [D]In the [G]circ [C]le, the circle [D]of life !

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