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Come Back To Sorrento

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(Điệu: Boston, Nâng cao) ----------- Dạo đầu:  [Dm] [Am] [E7] [Am] ----------- [Am]Hear the music of the waters [Dm]Vows of tender passion [Am]sighing [F]Like thy heart [Dm6]to which [Am]go flying [Dm6]All my thoughts [E7]in [Am]wakeful dream [A]See the lovely dewy [Bm7]garden [E7]Breathing orange[E7/5+] perfumed[A] greeting Nought can set my [F#m]heart a [Bm]beating [E7]Like the fragrance[E7/5+] of[A] its bloom Now I hear that thou [Bm7]must leave me Thou and I must[C#7] soon [F#m]be parted [F]Canst thou leave me [Dm6]broken [A]hearted [Dm6]Wilt thou [E7]never more [Am]return Then say not [Bm7]good-bye [E7]Come back again [Am]beloved [Dm]Back to [Am]Sorrento  [E7]Or I must [Am]die ---------- [Am]Sunlight dances on the sea [Dm]Tender thoughts occur to [Am]me [F]I have often [Dm6]seen your [Am]eyes [Dm6]In the nighttime [E7]when I [Am]dream [A]When I pass a garden [Bm7]fair [E7]And the scent is in the [A]air In my mind a [F#m]dream [Bm]awakes [E7]And my heart [E7/5+]begins to [A]break But you said goodbye to [Bm7]me Now all I can [C#7]do is [F#m]grieve [F]Can it be that [Dm6]you [A]forgot? [Dm6]Darling for [E7]get me [Am]not! Please don't say [Bm7]farewell [E7]And leave this heart that's [Am]broken [Dm]Come back to [Am]Sorrento [E7]So I can [Am]mend ---------- Kết thúc như dạo đầu hoặc tự biến tấu ---------- Tìm hiểu và kết hợp: VDB, Đây là bản tiếng Anh được Claude dịch từ bản Itaia (1902) của De Curtis

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