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Dance the night away

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[D] Here comes my [A7] happiness a-[D] gain [A7] [D] Right back to [A7] where it should have [D] been [A7] [D] 'Cause now she's [A7] gone and I am [D] free [A7] [D] And she can't [A7] do a thing to [D] me [A7] [D] I just wanna [A7] dance the night a-[D] way [A7] [D] With [A7] senoritas who can [D] sway [A7] [D] Right now [A7] tomorrow's lookin' [D] bright [A7] [D] Just like the [A7] sunny mornin' [D] light [A7] And [D] if you should [A7] see her [D] Please let her [A7] know that I'm [D] well [A7] As you can [D] tell [A7] and [D] if she should [A7] tell you That [D] she wants me [A7] back tell her [D] no [A7] I gotta [D] go

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