Do it for her

You do it for [Dm]him. [G] 
And you would do it [C]again. [Cmaj7] 
You do it for [Dm]her, that is to [G]say, 
You'll do it for [C]him. 
[Dm]Keep your [Am]stance wide. 
[Dm]Keep your [Am]body lowered. 
[Dm]As you're [G]moving forward, 
[C]Balance [B7]is the [Em]key. 
Right foot. [B7]Left foot. 
[Em]Now go [B7]even faster. 
[Em]And as you're [Dm]moving backwards, 
[C]Keep your [Em]eyes on [Dm]me. 
Keep my [Am]stance wide. [Dm](Good) 
Keep my [Am]body lowered. [Dm](Right) 
As I'm [G]moving forward... 
[C]Concentrate! [B7]Don't you want him to [Em]live!? 
Right foot; [B7]Left foot 
[Em]Yes, but put your whole [B7]body into it! 
[Em]Everything you have, [Dm]everything you [C]are, 
You've got to give [B7] 
On the [E7]battlefield. 
When everything is [Am]chaos. 
And you have nothing but the [E7]way you feel, your strategy and a [Am]sword. 
You just think about the [G]life you'll have together after the [C]war! [A7] 
And then you do it for [Dm]her, [G] 
That's how you know you can [Em]win. [A] 
You do it for [Dm]her, that is to [G]say, 
You'll do it for [C]him. 
[Dm]Deep down [Am]you know, 
[Dm]You weren't [Am]built for fighting. 
[Dm]But that [G]doesn't mean 
You're [C]not [B7]prepared to [Em]try. 
What they [B7]don't know 
[Em]Is your [B7]real advantage, 
[Em]When you [Dm]live for someone 
[C]You're [Em]prepared to [Dm]die 
Deep down [Am]I know 
[Dm]That I'm [Am]just a human. [Dm](True) 
But I [G]know that I can [C]draw my [B7]sword and [Em]fight! 
With my [B7]short existence, [Em](Good) 
I can [B7]make a difference. [Em](Yes, excellent!) 
I can [Dm]be there for him. 
[C]I can [Em]be his knight. [Dm] 
[G]I can do it for [C]him. 
[C7]You'd do it for [Dm]her. 
[G]Okay, now do that [C]again. (Yes, ma'am.) 
[Cmaj7]You do it for [Dm]her, and now you [G]say: 
I'll do it for [Cmaj7]him.
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