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Doctor Robert

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INTRO: A7 Asus4 A7 Asus4 x2 VERSE 1: Ring [A7]my [Asus4]frie [A7]nd, [Asus4]I [A7]said [Asus4] [A7]you 'd [Asus4]ca ll Do ctor Ro bert Day or night he'll be there any time at all, Doctor Robert [F#7]Doct or Robert, you're a new and better man, He [F#7]helps you to [F#7sus4]unders tand He [E]does everything he [F#7]ca n, Doctor [B]Rob ert VERSE 2: (Same progression as above) If you're down he'll pick you up, Doctor Robert Take a drink from his special cup, Doctor Robert Doctor Robert, he's a man you must believe, Helping everyone in need No one can succeed like Doctor Robert BRIDGE: B E/B B [B]W ell, well, [E/b]well, [B]you're feeling f ine B E/B A7 Asus4 [B]W ell, well, well, [E/b]h [A7] [Asus4]'ll make y ou... Doctor R obert VERSE 3: (Same verse progression) My friend works for the national health, Doctor Robert Don't pay money just to see yourself with Doctor Robert Doctor Robert, you're a new and better man, He helps you to understand He does everything he can, Doctor Robert BRIDGE: (Same bridge progression) Well, well, well, you're feeling fine Well, well, well, he'll make you... Doctor Robert OUTRO: (Same verse progression and fade out) Bring my friend I said you'd call Doctor Robert Bring my friend I said you'd call Doc Robert. Doctor Robert (fade)

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