Don't cost nothing

[C]Bright sunny day
[G7] don't cost nothin'[G]
[Am7] Light summer breeze
[Gm7] don't cost nothin' [C7]
[F] so what should I do
[C] with all this money [A7]
[Dm] when the only thing i want is [G7]you
[C] pallin' around
[G7] Don't cost nothing [G]
[Am] singing a song
[C7] don't cost nothing[C]
[F7] so what should I spend [C] all this money[C7]
[Dm] I'd rather just spend [G7]time with you [C]
but you could buy a [F]house and a [G7] car
Well I guess that I [C]
can, but i've already got a van[C7]
I could but you through [F] college
But I'm with the gems all the [G7] time
Well, i could buy you all the[C] courses online! [C7]
What if we took a [F]trip
Do you [G7] think?
Yeah I[C] do, We could take a[F]
vacation- we could go somewhere [G7] new
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