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Don't tell me goodnight

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1. [G] Lying there [C] beside me With your [G] head resting on my [C] arm Your [G] body feels so [C] warm And your [D] hair smells like a [D7] sunday morning. 2. [G] I feel you moving [C] closer And I [G] know what you're gonna [C] say But [G] girl there's just no [C] way I'll ever [D] like what you'll be [D7] saying Chorus: [G] Don't tell me good-[Am] night [C] It makes me feel so [G] empty inside And if only I [Am] could I wouldn't [D] sleep at [G] all [G] Don't tell me good-[Am] night [C] Just let me drift off [G] slowly away And [Am] dream ..ream [C] ream of [G] you 3. [G] You reach out and you [Am] touch me [G] Just to let me know you're [C] there And [G] I can feel your [C] hair And [D] somehow I don't feel like [D7] sleeping

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