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Drink With Me

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Drink with [Gm]me To [C7]days gone [F]by Sing with [Gm]me The [C7]songs we [F]knew Here's to [F7]pretty girls Who [Bbm]went to our heads Here's to [Eb7]witty girls Who [F]went to our beds Here's to [Gm]them And [C7]here's to [F]you! Drink with [Gm]me To [C7]days gone [F]by Can it [Gm]be You [C7]fear to [F]die? Will the [F7]world remember [Bbm]you When you fall? Could it [Eb7]be your death Means [F]nothing at all? Is your [Gm]life just [C7]one more [F]lie? Drink with [Gm]me To [C7]days gone [F]by To the [Gm]life that [C7]used to [F]be At the [F7]shrine of friendship, [Bbm]never say die Let the [Eb7]wine of friendship [F]never run dry Here's to [Gm7]you and [C7]here's to [F]me

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