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Everybody Rock your body Everybody Rock your body right [F#]B [F]ackstreet`s back alright (Verse 1:) Oh my god, we`re back again Brothers, sisters, everybody sing We`re gonna bring the flavor Show you how I`ve gotta question for ya Better answer now (Bridge:) Am [Bbm]I [F#]origi [F]nal ( Yeah, yeah) Am [Bbm]I the [F#]on [F]ly one (Yeah, yeah) Am [Bbm]I [F#]sexua [F]l (Ye ah, yeah) Am [Bbm]I everything you need You [F#]better [F]rock your body now [Bbm]Every [F#]body [F](Ye ah, yeah) [Bbm]Rock [F#]your body [F](Yea h, yeah) [Bbm]Every [F]body Ro ck [Bbm]your body right [F#]Backs [F]treet`s [Bbm]bac [F#]k [F]alr igh t [Bbm]Alright [F#]--- [F]--- --- (Verse 2:) (like vers 1) Now throw your hands up in the air And wave`em around Like you just don`t care If you wanna party Let me hear you yell `Cause we`ve got it going on again (Bridge) (Chorus) [Bm]Now [F#]everybody, [F]every where [Bbm]Don`t be [F#]afraid, [F]don`t have no fear Gonna [Bbm]tell the [F#]world [F]make it understand As long [Bbm]as there`ll be music We`ll [F#]be [F]coming back again

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