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Eyes Nose Lips - Tae Yang

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You left me [C]paralyzed. No cure. No rehab [G]for me. Funny that you got the nerve to keep [Am]askin' me how I've been. You're the victor in this [E]pageantry. But the only trophy you deserve... [E]Catastrophe. I'd rather we be dead to [C]each other. No eulogles said for [E]each other. No rest in [Am]peace's. The memories got my [F]chest in pieces I'm prayin' that your eyes are the 1st to go. The way they looked when you smiled. The way the opened n closed. Then your nose. Every single breath against my neck. And then your lips. Every empty promise made and said. . Please fade. Fade to black. Please fade. Fade to black. But the nightmares come back. Because your [C]eyes, nose, lips Every [E]look and every breath Every [Am]kiss still got me dying Uh, [F]still got me crying

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