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Forever and one

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What can I [Am] do? Will I be getting [E] through? Now that I must [Dm] try to leave it all be-[Am]-hind [E7] Did you [Am] see what you have done to [E] me? Too hard to justi-[Dm]-fy, slowly its passing [E7] by Forever and [Am] one, I will [E] miss you How-[F]-ever I [C] kiss you yet a-[F]-gain Way [Dm] down in never-[E7]-land So [Am] hard I was [E] trying To-[F]-morrow I'll [C] still be [F] crying How could you [E7] hide your [Am] lies , your [G] lies Here I [Am] am seeing you once [E] again My minds so far a-[Dm]-way, my heart so close to [Am] stay [E7] Too proud to [Am] fight I'm walking back into [E] light Will I ever [Dm] find someone to be-[E7]-lieve?

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