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Glass Onion

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[Am]I told you 'bout [F7]Strawb erry fields, [Am]y ou know the place [F7]where n othing is real [Am]We ll here's another [Gm7]pla ce you [C7]can go - wo Where [Gm7]everything [C7]flow - ows [F7]Loo king through the bent [D7]backed t ulips To see [F7]how the other half [D7]l ives [F7]Loo king through a [G7]glass onion I told you 'bout the Walrus and me man You know that we're as close as can be man Well here's another clue for you all The Walrus was Paul Standing on a cast iron whore yeah Lady Madonna tryin' to make ends meet yeah Looking through a glass onion o h [Am]yeah [F]oh ye [Am]ah oh yea [Am7]h [F7]Loo king through a [G7]glass o nion I told you 'bout the Fool on the Hill I tell you that he's living there still Well here's another place you can be Listen to me Fixing a hole in the ocean Trying to make a dove tail joint Looking through a glass onion