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Glassy Sky

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[Dm]How many days[E] have passed like this[Am] [C] [Dm]This city the [E]crowd is fading, moving[Am] on…[C] [Dm]I sometimes have [E]wondered where you've gone[Am] [C] Story [Dm]carries on[E], lonely, [Am]lost inside... [Dm]I had this dream[E] so many [Am]times[C] [Dm]The moments we [E]spent has past and gone[Am] away[C] [Dm]Could there be an [E]end to this, what I'm [Am]feeling deep [C]inside [Dm]You know there's no [E]looking back... Glassy [Dm]sky [E]above, [Am]as long as [C]I`m alive, you will[Dm] be [E]part of [Am]me[C] Glassy [Dm]sky, the [E]cold, the [Am]broken [G]pieces of [C]me... [Dm]The mystery [E]of it I [Am]recall[C] [Dm]Suddenly the [E]truth will change the way[Am] we fall[C] [Dm]I didn't wanna [E]hurt you, hope you [Am]know[C] Empty [Dm]promises,[E] shattered [Am]dreams of love [Dm]Sometimes I [E]wonder what's [Am]beyond[C] [Dm]I tried many [E]times to make it [Am]up to [C]you [Dm]Can somebody [E]tell me what to [Am]do?[C] Thought we're [Dm]meant to be[E]... There's no [Am]going back [Am]Time has [E]already come... [Dm]Sun is gone and no more [E]shadows... Can't give [Dm]up I know and this [E]life goes on I'll be [Am]strong I'll be [Dm]strong `til I[E] see the end... Glassy [Dm]sky [E]above[Am], as long as[C] I survive, you [Dm]will be [E]part of me[Am] [C] Glassy [Dm]sky, the [E]cold, the [Am]broken [C]pieces of me[Dm]...[E] Glassy [Dm]sky above, covers [E]over me... over [Am]me...

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