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Going Back West

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1. I was born and [G] raised in the ghetto, talk with me and you'll know [C] I wasn't satisfied, with living on the [G] side I started looking around for a possibili-[C] ty Listen to my [G] story, [D] of what became of [G] me [D] 2. I met a business-[G] man who said he had some friends back east [C] so why don't you come along, well, we can help you at [G] least We'll make you into a big star by playing your [C] guitar but the joke was on [G] me, [D] they left me flat to [G] see Chorus: Going back [D] west, yes, I [C] know, I'll make out al-[G] right Going back [D] west where my [C] music's playing all [G] night Going back [C] west (going back [D] west) I think I'll do al-[G] right 3. 'Bout a year has [G] come and gone and left me standing here [C] thinking how it could have been for still I ain't now-[G] here. They surely took me for a ride, trampled on my [C] pride but I hold my head up [G] high, got no [D] more tears to [G] cry

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