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Green Field

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[Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] O nce there were g reen fiel ds kissed by the s un [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] Onc e there were valle ys where ri vers used to run [F] [G7] [Em7] [A7] On ce there were blue sky with whit e clouds high a bove [Dm7] [G7] [Am] [E7] Onc e they were pa rt of everla sting lo ve [Am] [G7] [Am] [E7] [F] [E7] We were the love rs who stroll ed th rough green f ields. [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] Gre en fields are gone now parch ed by the s un [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] Gone from the val leys where ri vers used to r un [F] [G7] [Em7] [A7] Go ne with the cold wind that swe pt into my hear t [Dm7] [G7] [Am] [E7] Go ne with the lo ver who let th eir dreams de part [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] [F] Wh ere are the gr een fields that w e use d to ro am [F] [G7] [C] ** * I’ll never know wh at made you ru n away [F] [G7] [E7] Ho w can I keep searching when da rk clouds hide the day [Am] [F] [Dm] I o nly know there’s noth ing here for me [Am] [Dm] [Dm6] [E7] Not hing in this w ide world left for me to s ee [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] But I’l l keep on wa iting t ill you ret urn [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E7] I’ll keep on waiti ng unti l the day you lear n [F] [G7] [Em] [A7] Yo u can’t be hap py while your h earts on the roa m [Dm7] [G7] [Am] [E7] Y ou can’t be ha ppy until you bring it ho me [Am] [Dm] [Am] [E] [Am] [Dm] [Am] Home to the gree n fields and m e onc e aga in.

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