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I [G]never want to play the games that people [C]play [G]I never want to hear the things they [C]gotta say I've [G]found everything [C]I need I [F]never wanted anymore than I can [C]see I [F]only want you to [Am]believe If it's [G]wrong to tell the truth Then what am I supposed to [C]do When all [G]I want to do is speak [C]my mind (speak my mind) If it's [G]wrong to do what's right I'm [C]prepared to testify If [F]loving you with all my heart's a [Dm]crime Then [G]I'm guilty I wanna give you all the things you never had Don't try to tell me how he treats you isn't bad I need you back in my life I never wanted just to be the other guy (be the other guy - [Lee]) I never wanted to live a lie Girl [Am]I followed my [C]hear Followed [G]the truth Right [Em]from the start it led me to you Please [Am]don't leave me this way [C]I'm guilty now all I have [D]to say What [C]am I supposed to do [G]Then I'm guilty All I [C]wanna do is speak my mind [G]Guli ty Then [G]I'm guilty I'm [G]prepared to testify [Duncan] If it's [F]wrong to do what's right then tell [Dm]me about this [G]feeling inside If loving [F]you with all my [Dm]hearts a crime I'm [G]Guilty

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