happily ever after

Tone gốc : E
Kẹp Capo 2 : Đánh D
[D]Here we are in the future
Here we are in the [Bm7]future and it's [G]bright
Nothing to fear
No one to [D/F#]fight
I [G]can't [A]believe we've [F#7]come so [Bm7]far
[G]Happily ever [A]after, here we [D]are
[F#7]Once upon a time, I thought
I'd [Bm7]always be in my mother's shadow
[F#7]Answering for her crimes, I thought
I'd [Bm7]always be in an endless battle
[G]Til I [A]began to [D]hone [D7]
[G]A power [A]all my [D]own [D7]
[G]That I could [A]feel growing [D]stron[A]ger [Bm7]eve[F#m7]ry [G]day
And now I've saved the world
Not just [A]that- the whole galaxy saved
We did [D]it!
[D]Here we are in the future!
Hey Pearl, hey Dad!
[F#7]Once upon a time
I only [Bm7]lived to be of Pink Diamond's service
[F#7]'Til the day the two of us snuck
down to be on this [Bm7]planet's surface
[G]We be[A]came our [D]fantasy[D7]
[G]And I was [A]sure she [D]set me free [D7]
[G]But in the [A]end, I guess I [D]nev[A]er [Bm7]left [F#m7]her [G]side
And after love and loss and [A]all
the tears that I cried, I find that-
[D]Here we are in the future!
[D]Here we are!
[F#7]Once upon a time, a Sapphire [Bm7]
came to Earth with her Ruby soldier
[F#7]Sapphire's deadly fate was set [Bm7]
until the Ruby rushed in to hold her
[G]Suddenly [A]they were [D]fusing[D7]
[G]Beautiful,[A] strange, [D]confusing[D7]
[G]And there I [A]was, a bundle of [D]ques[A]tions, [Bm7]so [F#m7]nai[G]ve
And if you told me this I [A]never
would've believed you then but-
[D]Here we are in the future!
[F#7]Once upon a time, I burst to [Bm7]
life inside of the Kindergarten
[F#7]A product of a war that I had [Bm7]no idea I had a part in
[G]I came out [A]late and [D]alone [D7]
[G]Knew nothing[A] but my [D]home [D7]
[G]But I know [A]now exactly [D]who [A]I'm [Bm7]s'posed [F#m7]to [G]be
And it's a part of this [A]family!
If I could just [Bm7]stop right [A]here and [G]be
Finally done
Finally us
Finally [A]we are in the [B]future
Here we are in the future and it's [E]bright!
Nothing to fear
No one to [B]fight
I [E]can't [F#]believe we've [D#m]come so [G#m]far
[E]Happily ever after
Happily ever after[F#]
Happily ever after
Here we [B]are!
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