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[D]T he time is now or never To [Bm]f it the missing piece [D]T o take this on together [Bm]Y ou make me feel complete [A]W e fall into the future [G]And through the looking glass [A]Th e light shines over our heads And [G]so it comes to [A]p ass [D]T o go beyond the surface [Bm]To reach into your soul [D]Th is love is not demanding [Bm]M y heart has told me so I [A]hold onto my hero (ahhh) [G]Wi th faith enough to fly [A]Th e power to imagine [G]Wil l keep this love [A]al ive [G]Let 's make the headlines [D]loud and true [...] [D]And it feels so good every bell's gonna ring [G]Yo ur love is alive and it's making me sing I [D]c ould fly, wanna cry, want the whole world to know [G]W e are together, come on, baby, let's go [A]A nd words yet to be spoken [G]Wil l fall upon the page [A]Spe llin' out true devotion [G]I s all we [A]need to say [G]Let 's make the headlines [D]loud and true

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