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Hey Soul Sister

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Capo 4 [C]Hey- [G]ay, [Am]Hey-ay[A]Y-ay- ay, [F]Hey-ay[A]Y-ay- ay Your [C]lipstick stains [G]on the front lobe of my [Am]left side [F]brains I knew I wouldn't [C]for- get you and so I went [G]and let you blow [Am]my [F]mind [G] Your [C]sweet moonbeam [C]the smell of you in every [Am]single dream [F]I dream I knew when we [C]col- lided you're the one I have [G]de- cided who's one of [Am]my [F]kind [G] [F]Hey soul sister [G]ain't that mister [C]mister [G]on the [F]radio stereo The [G]way you move aint [C]fair you [G]know [F]Hey soul sister [G]I don't want to [C]miss a [G]single [F]thing you do [G] [C]To- night [G]Hey- ay, [Am]Hey-ay[A]Y-ay- ay, [F]Hey-ay[A]Y-ay- ay [C]To- night The way you can't cut a rug [G]Watching you's the only drug I [Am]need You're so gangster I'm so thug You're the [F]only one I'm dreaming of you [C]see I can be myself now [G]final- ly In fact there's nothing I can't [Am]be I want the world to see you [F]be with [G]me

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