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Hot - Avril Lavigne

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G [D] [Am7] C Ah ah ahh ah [G][D][Am7]You're so [C]good to me Baby [G][D][Am7][C]Baby I [G]want to [D]lock you up in my [Am7]closet, [C]where no one's around I [G]want to [D]put your hand in my [Am7]pocket, [C]because you're allowed I [G]want to [D]drive you into the [Am7]corner, and [C]kiss you without a sound I [G]want to [D]stay this way [Am7]forever, I'll [C]say it loud [A]Now you're in and [C]you can't get out You make me so [D]hot Make me wanna [A]drop You're so [C]ridiculous I can barely [G]stop I can hardly [D]breathe You make me wanna [A]scream You're so [C]fabulous You're so good to [G]me [D]Baby [Am7][C]Baby You're so good to [G]me [D]Baby [Am7][C]Baby I [G]can [D]make you feel all [Am7]better, just [C]take it in [G]And I can [D]show you all the [Am7]places, [C]you've never been [G]And I can [D]make you say [Am7]everything, that [C]you never said [G]And I will [D]let you do anything, [Am7]again [C]and again [A]Now you're in [C]and you can't get out Chorus [A]Kiss me [C]gently [G]Always I [D]know [A]Hold me [C]love me [G]Don't ever [D][A][C][G][D][A][C][G][C]go Chorus 2x C You're so good

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