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How I See You (Em Trong Mắt Tôi English Version)

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[Am]Pretty without makeup [Em]You look very angelic hoooooo [F] [G] [Am]Dont need jeans or high heels, [Em]you choose for yourself Ao [F]Dai, so [G]fine [Am]Like the blooming flowers [Em]giving off those colors, they [F]dont look half as pretty as [G]you Your softly [Am]blowing Ao Dai, [Em]representing [F]shining beauty from Eastern [G]lands Are [C]you an angel or am [G]I just... Flooded in [Am]awe by you and your charming [F]beauty A viet [Em]woman, in her [Am]Ao Dai [G]Radiating... [Am]Oriental... woah woah [G] [Am] [G] [F] [F]One day by chance in foreign [G]lands she came my way [Dm]A white flutter pretty [C]shoulders unfamiliar [Dm]A warming heat I felt [F]complete... oh my [G]homeland... I love you [F]... I miss you [G]...

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