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I Can

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Intro: [Am]| [F]| [C]|. [G] [Am]You were the eyes in the face of fortune, [F]I lost my way and I couldn't find you, [C]Oh... [G]Oh, no. [Am]We're not the first ones to be divided, [F]Won't be the last to be reunited, [C]Oh... Oh, [G]no. It's like rain [Am]falling down, Drops of pain [F]hit the ground, I can't speak [C], There's no sound when you're [G]gone. (Yeah, yeah, come on.) Chorus: [Am]I [F]can, I will, I know, I can [C]untie these [Gsus4]hands. [G] Get back up again. I can, I will, I know, I can untie these hands. Get backup up agai I Amcan, [F]oh. [C] I [G]can. Get back up again. [Am] I've [Am]never lost anything quite like this, No [C]second chances if [F]I don't find it, [C]N o, oh, no, [G]oh, no. [Am]Y ou closed the door and you kept on walking, [F]Le ft me behind and there's no more talking. [C]N o, oh, no, [G]oh, no.

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