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I Hope You Find It

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Capo 3 [G]T hese clouds aren't going [Em]n owhere baby [C]R ain keeps [D]coming down I [G]just though I'll try to [Em]c all you, baby [C]F or you got too [D]far outta town [Am]A nd I hope that you'll get this [D]message t hat I'm leaving for you 'Cause I hate [Am]whe n you left without hearing [D]the words that I need you to And I hope you [G]f ind it What you're [Em]look ing for And I hope it's [C]everyth ing you dreamed your [D]l ife could be And so much more And I hope you're [G]happy Wherever [Em]y [A]ou a re I wanted you to [Am]kn ow that And nothing's [D]gon na change that And I hope you [G]find it 2nd Verse - the same as 1st Chorus And I hope [G]y ou [F]find it F G [F]W hatever it is out there that you [D]w ere missing here Chorus I [F]h ope you find [C]i t yeah [D]M mm [G]Uuuh h..

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