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I Miss You

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[Em]s [Em]halalalala s [G]halalalala yo u used to call me your [D7]angel s aid I was sent straight down from heaven [A]yo u'd hold me close in [E]your arms I loved the way you felt so strong I never [Am]wa nted you to leave [A]I wanted you to stay here holding me Chorus: I [D]miss you I [A]miss your smile [D]An d I still shed a tear every once in a [A]w hile and even tough [D]it's different now your still here somehow my heart won't let you go [A]and I need you to know [D] [A] [D] [Em]I miss you shalalalala I miss you(chorus is over here) you used to call me your dreamer and now [A]I'm living out my dream oh how I [C]wish you could see [D]e verything that's happening for me [A]I' m thinking back on the path [D]it' s true that time is flying by to fast (repeat [C]c horus) I know your in a better place yeah but I wish [G]tha t I could see your face ohh [Am]I know your where you need to be even [D7]to ugh it's not here with me

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