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I Need You - Westlife

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INTRO: C (fade in keyboards?)... [C] [Am] [F] [G] B aby,baby I swe ar to you-- --- . Baby,baby I"m here for you VERSE: [F] I don"t know why, [G] [Em] why I did those things to you [Am] What went th rough my mind [F] And I don"t Know why, [G] [Em] Why I broke your heart in two [Am] Guess that I was blind [Fm] [Dm] Baby how I wish you could forgive [G] [G] [Gsus4] [G] one more ti me-- --- --- . CHORUS: [C] [Am] And I sw ưear, I"ll be th ere [F] [G] Anytime you want me to [C] [Am] I"ll be tr ue, here for you [Fm] [Dm] D on"t leave me lonely [F] [G] [Gsus4] [G] C ause I need y ou-- --- . VERSE:(chords as before) I"ve been a fool Now I see the price to pay I can"t run and hide Cause I"m losing you And my chances slipped away With each time I lied Baby how I wish you could forgive me one more time RPT CHORUS: BRIDGE: [Dm] Baby living without you [F] will tear me apart [Am] [G] When I know how it could ha ve been [Dm] But I don"t care where it leads to [F] Let"s make a new start [Am] [Bb] [C] And gi ve love a ch ance to wi -i-i-in [C] Cause baby I s wear.. (As INTRO:) [C] [Am] Ba by baby I swear to you [F] [G] [C] A nytime you want me to(y es I swear) [C] [Am] B aby baby I"m he re for you [F] D on"t leave me lonely [G] cause I n eed you RPT CHORUS(x2): [C] yes baby I need you......

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