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I said I love you

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1. We've been [Cm] meeting this way for a [G] wile Always keeping our hearts in de-[Cm] nial But the rules of the game are as [G] such There are some things you never should [Cm] rush With the [Cm] way that you're looking to-[G] night It was only a matter of [Cm] time Before I got so over-[G] whelmed And I just could not help my-[Cm] self Chorus: I said I [C] love you I didn't [Em] mean to But the [Am] moonlight just gave me a-[G] way Now that I said it, try to for-[Am] get it And pre-{G] tend it was all a mis-[C] take I'll keep [C] trying, though I'm de-[Em] nying This [C] feeling that I know is [Am] true [F] Stumbling and falling and [C] still after all I keep [G] falling in love with [C] you 2. What's the [Cm] point of this masque-[G] rade After all of our cards have been [Cm] played Now there's nothing for me left to [G] hide I hope I have fate on my [Cm] side Either [Cm] way I've got nothing to [G] lose Surrender is all I can [Cm] do And if you should be mine in the [G] end I'll remember it all happened [C] when

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