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I Saw Her Standing There

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Well she [E7]was just seventeen and [A7]y ou know what [E7]I me an And the way she looked was way [B7]be yond compare So [E]h ow [E7]could I dance [A7]wit h [C7]another o h, when I [E7]sa w her [B7]standi [E7]ng the re Well she [E7]look ed at me [A7]an d I, I [E7]could s ee That before too long I'd fall in [B7]lov e with her [E]S he wouldn't [E7]dan ce with [A7]anoth er [C7]O h, when [E7]I saw her [B7]stan [E7]ding the re Well my heart went boom [A7]w hen I crossed that room and I held her [B7]hand in [A7]min e Well we danced [E7]th rough the night and we [A7]he ld each other [E7]ti ght And before too long I fell in love [B7]w ith her Now [E]I'l l never [E7]dance with [A7]anothe r [C7]O h, since I [E6]saw her [B7]stand [E7]ing the re [E7]Sinc e I saw her [B7]stan [E7]ding the re [E7]Ye ah, Well [E7]sinc e I saw [B7]her st [E7]anding ther e

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