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I Will Be

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Intro: [G] [G]there’s nothing i could say to u [Em]nothing [Bm]i could ever do to make u see [C]what you mean to me [G]all the pain the tears i cried [Em]still u never said goodbye [Bm]and [C]now i know, how far you’d go Reff: [Em]i know i let u down [C]but its not like that now [Em]this [C]time [D]ill [D/F#]never let you go [G]i [Em]will be all that u want [Bm]and [C]get myself together cause u keep me from falling apart [G]all [Em]my [Bm]life ill be with u forever to get u through the day [C]and make everything ok Int: [G] [Em] [C] [G]i’d thought that i had everything [Em]i didnt know what life could bring [Bm]but [C]now i see, honestly [G]you’re the one thing i got right [Em]the only one i let inside [Bm]now i can breathe [C]cause you’re here with me [Em]and if i let u down [C]i’ll turn it all around [Em]cause [C]i [D/F#]would never let you go Back to : Reff Bridge: [D]cause without you i can’t sleep [Em]im not gonna ever ever let you leave [D]you’re all i got you’re all i want, [Em]yeahh [D]and without you i dont know what i’ll do [Em]i could never ever live a day without you [C]here [D]with me do you see you’re all i need Int : [G] [Em] [Bm] [C] Back to : reff 2x Coda : [G]

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