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If I Fell - The Beatles

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[Ebm] If I fell in love with you [D] Would you promise to be true [C#] [Bbm] And help me un derstand [Ebm] "Cause I"ve been in love before [D] And found that love is more [Em] [A] Than just holding hands [D] [Em] [E#m] [Em] If I give my hea rt to you [A] [D] [Em] [F#m] I must be su re from the very start [Em] [A] [D] [Em] [A] That you would love me more than her [D] [Em] [F#m] If I trus t in you [Em] [A] Oh please, don"t run and hide [D] [Em] [F#m] If I love you too [Em] [A] [D9] Oh please, don"t hurt my pride li ke her [G] Cause I couldn"t stand the pain [Gm] [D] [A7] And I would be sad if our new love was in vain [D] [Em] [F#m] So I hope yo u"ll se e [Em] [A] That I would love to love you [D] [Em] [F#m] [Em] A nd tha t she will c ry [D] Whe e are two [Gm] [C] [D] If I fel l in love with yo u

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