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I'm yours

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C G Am F

(Ver2: G D Em C)

Well, you [C]done done me and you bet I felt it.

I [G]tried to be chill but your so hot that i melted.

I [Am]fell right through the cracks, [F]and i'm tryin to get back,

before [C]the cool done run out i'll be givin it my best test,

and [G]nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention.

I [Am]reckon it's again my turn [F]to win some or learn some.

[C]won't [G]hesitate no more,

no [Am]more, it [F]cannot wait i'm yours.

Well [C]open up your mind and [G]see like me,

open up your plans and [Am]damn you're free,

look into your heart and [F]you'll find love love love.

[C]listen to the music at the moment [G]maybe sing with me,

Ah, la peaceful [Am]melody.

It's your god forsaken [F]right to be loved loved loved loved... Loved

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