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In My Life

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(Intro) [A]---- [E7]----- ------- *(use the Melody Intro at the end)* (Verse-1) [A]- [E7]---- There [A]are pla-ces I'll [F#m]re [A7]member - All my [D]li__fe [Dm], [A]though some have changed. [A]- Some forever, not [F#m]for [A7]Better; Some have [D]go__ne [Dm], [A]and some re-main. All these [F#m]plac-es [D]had__their__ moments, With [G]lovers and friends _ I [A]still re-call. Some are [F#m]dead_and_some_are [B7]_ iving, In [Dm]my__life [A]I've loved them all. (Verse-2) [A]- [E7]----- But [A]of all these friends [F#m]and [A7]lov-ers, There is [D]no__one [Dm] [A]com pares with you. [A]- And these mem'-ries lose [F#m]their [A7]meaning, When I [D]think [Dm]of__ love [A]as some-thing new. Tho' I [F#m]know__I'll__nev-er lose [D]af- fection For [G]people and things_that [A]went be-fore, I [F#m]know I'll of-ten stop and think [B7]a- bout them. In [Dm]My__Life [A]I love you more. [A] [E] [F#m] [A7] [D] [Dm6] [A] [E] [A](Coda) [E] [F#m] [A7] [D] [Dm6] [A] [E] [A] [A]- [E7]---- [Dm]In My__Life I love [A]you more (Intro) - (ends on A 5th fret 577655) *(Melody Intro)* - CAN BE USED FOR THE BEGINNING & END) [A]5th fret - [E7]7th fret e-----0-------|--7--| [B]----0-------|--9--| [G]-6--6-6^7^9-|--7--| [D]-7--7-7-----|--9--| [A]-7----7-----|--7--| [E]-5----5-----|--X--|

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