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Intro: Am F Am F C F When you [C]w ere standing in the wake of [F]d evastation C F When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown Am F With the [Am]ca taclysm raining down, [F]insides crying save me now Am G [Am]Yo u were there and [G]pos sibly alone Chorus: Do you feel [C]cold and [F]lost in [Am]desperati on You [G]bu ild up [C]all the failures [F]a ll you've [Am]kn own [G]Re member all [C]t he [F]sadne ss [Am]and [G]frustrat ion And let [F]it go, oh [G]oh [Am]oh [F]oh, [Am]l et [F]it go. And in the [C]burs t of light that [F]blinded every angel As if the [C]sk y had blown the [F]heave ns into stars You felt the [Am]grav ity of [G/b]temper [C] [F]grace falling int o empty sp ace [Am]N o one [G/b]there [C] [G]to catch y ou in there a rms Chorus: Do you feel [C]c old and [F]lost in [Am]desperat ion You [G]bu ild up all [C]th e failures [F]al l you've [Am]kno wn [G]Re member [C]all the [F]sadne ss [Am]and [G]frustrat ion And let [F]it [Am]g o, [G]oh [C]oh o [Am]h o h, [G]let it go C Am G Chorus: Do you [C]fee l cold [Am]and lost in [G]desperat ion You build [C]u p all the [Am]failur es all [G]you've k nown Remember [C]a ll the sadness [Am]and [G]frustrati on And let it [F]go, oh oh [G]oh oh Let it [C]g o oh [Am]o h [G]oh, o h Let it go oh oh oh, oh Let it go oh oh oh, oh Let it [F]go oh oh [G]oh Chorus: Do you feel cold and lost in desperation You build up all the failures all you've known Remember all the sadness and frustration And let it go, oh oh oh oh, let it go Am G/B C F G Am

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