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Is this the end

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Chord cycle (vòng hợp âm): [Gm][Dm][Eb][F] [Gm] Give me a reason, [Dm] give me a sign [Eb] Give me something that [F] shows me you're mine [Gm] Give me a kiss, [Dm] show me your love [Eb] Is it [F] me you have been [Gm] dreaming off. Cause you are so cold, you are so [Dm] blind I try to [Eb] comfort you but you look [F] away Have you lost your [Gm] love, have you lost [Dm] your lust Or is it the [Eb] end of our [F] never ending [Gm] story? Chorus Is it the end. [Dm] Is this really the [Eb] end Your silence says it [F] all It's like talking to a [Gm] wall Don't take your love [Dm] away Baby why can't you [Eb] stay Is this [F] really the [Gm] end? What have I done wrong [Dm] Is it something that I said [Eb] Looking at your photos [F] makes me really sad [Gm] Is there someone else [Dm] who has taken your love [Eb] Is it someone [F] else that you have been [Gm] dreaming off?

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