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It Won"t Be Long

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---------2s3-0--| chorus it wont be long [C#m]y eah(yeah)yeah(yeah)yeah(yeah) it wont be long [E]ye ah(yeah)yeah(yeah)yeah(yeah) it wont be long [C#m]yea [A]h(yeah)till i [A(b9)]belong [E]to yo u verse [E](1)ev erynight [C]when everybody has [E]f un (2)everynight the tears come down from my eyes (3)everyday well be happy i know her e [E]i am sitting al [C]l own my o [E]wn everyday ive down nothing but cry now i know that you wont leave me know more bridge since you [E]left me im so alone [Ebug]now [D6]youre co ming youre [C#7]comin g on home ill be [A]goo d like i Know [B7]i sho uld youre coming [F#7m]home youre [B7]coming home coda [A]i belong to [G6]yo [F#]u--- [F#] [F]--- --- ---

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