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It"s How

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Capo ngăn 1 Verse 1: [A] It’s another song [E]for you [F#m]baby… Though I’m tryin’ [D]to live it through the [E][D]day [A] I’ve been missing you [E]like [F#m]crazy Since the day [D]you went [E]away [A] I wish I [E]could rewind [F#m]it To the very first [A][E][D]time Cuz I knew fo [A]sho’ you were tha [F#m]finest And I [D]gotta make you [E]mine… [D] Everynight in my [E]dream I saw [C#m]my wish came [F#m]true That you came back to me so [D]I could say [E]these words to you… Hook: It’s how I [A]feel about you [C#m]girl It’s how I [F#m]can be sure it’s [A]love It’s how we [D]touch,it’s how we hug [A]… It’s how my [D]time with you was not [E]enough It’s how I kissed you for so long It’s how I missed you when you’re gone It’s how I need you,wanna be with you Cuz [D]without you [A][E]baby,everything seems [A]wrong…

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