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It"s Not Too Late

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Capo ngăn 4 1. Here am I [Am]am,[F] feels like the [C]walls are closing [G]in Once [Am]again, [C]it's time to [F]face it and be [G]strong I [F]wanna do the [G]right thing now I [Am]know it's up to [F]me somehow I've [F]lost my [Dm]way. Chorus: If I could [F]take it all back I [C]would now I never[G] meant to let you all [Am]down [F]And now I've [C]go to try [G]to turn it[Am] all around And [F]figure out how to [C]fix this I[Am] know there's a way, so I[G] promise [F]I'm gonna clean [C]up the mess I made[Am] Maybe it's not too [F]late [C]Maybe it's [G]not too [Am]late. 2. So I'll take a [F]stand even though it's complicated If I [Am]can I wanna change the way I [G]made it I gotta do the right thing now I know it's up to me somehow I'll find my [Dm]way. Chorus Bridge: I'm [Em]gonna find the strength to be the One that holds it all together Show you that I'm sorry but I Know that we can make it better.

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