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It"s Only Love

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I [C]get hig h [Em]when [Bb]I see [F]y ou go [G]by, [G]m y [G]oh m y (emphasize the following notes while playing the chords, or pick them): W [C]hen yo u [Em]sigh my [Bb]my [F]insi de just [G]f lies, [G7]butte [G]rflies W hy [F]am I so [G]shy when I [C]'m beside y [Am]ou ? It's only love and [Bb]that i s [G]all Why shoul d i [C]feel the wa y [Am]i do? It's only love a nd [Bb]that is all, [G]but it's so h [F]ard, lovin y [G]ou Is it right that you and i should fight every night Just the sight of you makes nighttime bright, very bright Haven't I the right to make it up, girl? It's only love and that is all, Why should i feel the way i do? It's only love and that is all, but it's so hard, lovin you Yes it's s o [F]hard, [G]lovin yo [C]u, lo [Am]vin [C]y [Am]ou.

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