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I've been waiting for you

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1. [A] I, I've been in love be-[E] fore I thought I would no [F#m] more Manage to hit the [E] ceiling [D] Still, strange as it seems to [A] be You've brought it back to [B7] me That old [Bm7] fee-[E7] ling 2. [A] I, I don't know what you [E] do You make me think that [F#m] you Possibly could re-[E] lease me [D] I think you'll be able [A] to Make all my dreams come [B7] true And you [Bm7] ease [E7] me Chorus: [A] You thrill me, you delight me [D] You please me, you excite me [A] You're something I'd been pleading [D] for [A] I love you, I adore you [D] I lay my life before you [A] I'll have you want me more and [D] more [Bm] And finally it seems my [B7] lonely days are [E] through [D] I've been [E] waiting for [A] you 3. [A] I, I'm gonna make you [E] mine You're gonna feel so [F#m] fine You'll never want to [E] leave me [D] I think you belong to [A] me Someday you will a-[B7] gree Please, be-[Bm7] lieve [E7] me [A] Na na na na na na na nà nà [D] Na na na na na na na nà nà [A] Na na na na na na na nà [D] nà X 4 [A]

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