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Jump in my car

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Intro: [Am][F][G][C] x 2 1. Take me tight in your [Am] arms Take me [F] in your heart to-[G] night If you really [Am] want me Got to [F] learn to love me [G] right [C] Stay with me a-[G] part Babe, be-[Am] lieve me in your [Em] heart [F] 'Cause all I ever want is only [G] you. Chorus: Jump in my [Dm] car, don't be af-[G] raid Only your [Em] heroes can never [Am] wake You are my [Dm] number one Till the morning, [Em] touch the dark ah [G] ha Jump in my [Dm] car I want some [G] fun Baby, [Em] when the working day is [Am] done You are my [Dm] everything You give me more, [Em] you fill my dreams .. [G] ream.. 2. You are dancing in my [Am] mind Take me [F] to the end of [G] time 'Cause tonight is the [Am] night Darling, [F] oh you hold me [G] tight But [C] baby you've got [G] style When you [Am] give that special [Em] smile [F] You've got something that I really [G] love Bridge: [Am] Jump in my car [Em] I just can't wait [C] Jump in my car it [Dm] won't be late [Am] Jump in my car [Em] give me your heart [C] It doesn't matter [Dm] when we'll start ah [G] ha

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