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Larger Than Life

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VERSE 1: [Cm]I may run and [Bb]hide [F]when you're [Cm]screaming my name alright But [Cm]let me tell you [Bb]now there [F]are prices to [Cm]fame alright [Ab]Cause all of [Bb]our time [Ab]spent in [Bb]flashes of light (To Chorus) CHORUS: All [Cm]you [Bb]people can't you [F]see can't you see How [Cm]our love [Bb]is [F]affecting our reality [Cm]Every time [Bb]we're down [F]you can make it right [Ab]and that [Bb]make s you [Cm]larger than life VERSE 2: [Cm]Looking at [Bb]the crowd [F]and I see [Cm]your body sway come on [Cm]Wishing I could [Bb]thank you [F]in a [Cm]different way come on all [Ab]of [Bb]your time [Ab]spent [Bb]keeps us alive (To Chorus) BRIDGE: [Cm]Ou [Gm]-------Ou [G]----- [Bb]--Ou- [F]------ Ou [Cm]All of [Gm]your [Ab]time spent [Bb]kee ps us alive Solo Chords: [Cm] [Bb] [F] [Cm] [Bb] [F] [Cm] [Bb] [F] [Ab]

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