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Little Things (ver3)

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Capo 2 Intro: F, Dm, F, C, F, C, F VERSE [F] Your hand fits in mine, Like it"s made just for me [Dm] But bear this in mind It was meant to be [F] [C] And i"m joining up the dots, With the freckles on your cheeks [F] [C] [F] And it all makes sense to me [F] I know you"ve never loved, The crinkles by your eyes. When you smile, [Dm] You"ve never loved, Your stomach or your thighs [F] [C] The dimples in your back, At the bottom of your spine [F] [C] [F] But i"ll love them endlessly CHORUS [Dm] [F] [Am] [C] I won"t let these little things, Slip out of my mouth [Dm] [F] But if i do, It"s you [Am] [C] Oh it"s you, They add up to [Dm] I"m in love with you [F] And all these little things VERSE [F] You cant go to bed, Without a cup of tea [Dm] And maybe that"s the reason, That you talk in your sleep [F] [C] And all those conversations, Are the secrets that I keep [F] [C] [F] Though it makes no sense to me [Dm] I know you"ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape [F] You never want to know how much you weigh [F] [C] You still have to squeeze into your jeans [F] [C] [F] But you"re perf ect to me BRIDGE [Dm] [F] [Am] [C] You"ll never love yourself, Half as much as I love you [Dm] [F] [Am] [C] You"ll never treat yourself right darlin", But i want you to [Dm] [F] [Am] [C] If i let you know, I"m here for you [Dm] [F] [Am] [C] Maybe you"ll love yourself like i love you Oh..

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