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Love is blue

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[C] [G] Blue, blue, my world is blue [Am] [Em] Blue is my world now I"m without you [C] [G] Gray, gray, my life is gray [Am] [E7] [Am] Cold is my heart since you went a- way [C] [G] Red, red, my eyes are red [Am] [Em] Crying for you a- lone in my bed [C] [G] Green, green, my jealous heart [Am] [E7] [Am] I doubted you and now we"re a- part. CHORUS: [A] [D] [E] [A] [D] [E] When we met how the bright sun shone [A] [D] [E] [E7] [A] Then love died now the rainbow is gone [C] [G] Black, black, the nights I"ve known [Am] [Em] Longing for you so lost and alone [C] [G] Gone, gone, the love we knew [Am] [E7] [Am] Blue is my world now I"m without you.

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