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Love me what I am

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Intro: [A][E][A][E] I [A] wore the clothes you [E] liked You said they [A] gave me that [E] look I [A] even tried to [E] like the food I [D] know you like to [A] cook I [D] parted my hair on the [A] left I [E] carried your arm on the [A] right I [D] slept late in the [A] morning And I [D] stayed out late at [E] night I can't [A] give any [E] more of my [A] soul a-[D] way And [A] still look my-[E] self in the [D] mirror every-[E] day I can't [A] change any [E] more of what [A] makes me be my-[D] self And [A] still have [E] enough left not to [D] be somebody [E] else [Bm] I'm not [D] demanding as a [E] man [Bm] Just asking you [D] love me for what I [A] am – [A][E][A][E] I [A] tried hard [E] not to say the [A] things you don't like to [E] hear And [A] when to you it was a-[E] propos, I [D] nibbled on your [A] ear I [D] opened the door up [A] for you, I [E] kept my big mouth [A] shut Well [D] I've been going [A] down While [D] you've been going [E] up Uhm [E] love me for what I [A] am… Oh [E] love me what I [A] am …

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