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Love Of My Life

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[A]Love of my life - [F#m]you've hurt me, [Bm]You've broken my heart [E]and now you leave me. [A]Love of my [A7]life can't you [D]see? [Bm]Bring it back, [F#m]bring it back, [G]Don't take it away from [D]me, [G]because [D]you [Bm]don't [Em]know, [A]what it means [D]to me. Love of my life don't leave me, You've taken/stolen my love, and now desert me, Love of my life can't you see, Bring it back, bring it back, Don't take it away from me because you don't know - what it means to me. [Bm]You will remember - [F#m]When this is blown over [G]And everything's all by the [D]way - [Bm]When I grow older [F#m]I will be there at your [B]side to [Cdim]remind [B]you [Em]how I still love you - [A]still love you. [Bm]Hurry back - hurry [F#m]back, [G]Don't take it away from [D]me, [G]because [D]you [Bm]don't [Em]know [A]what it means [D]to me - [Bm]Love of my life [F#m]Love of my life...

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