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Love Paradise

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You're [F]always on my mind [C7], all days and [Dm]all the time You're [Am]everything [A#]to me, [F]bright the stars [C]to let me see. You [F]touch me in my dreams [C7], we kiss in [Dm]every scenes. I [A#]pray to be [F]with you through rainy [C], shine day. I [F]love you till [C]I die, deep [Dm]as sea, wide [Am]as [A#]sky.The beauty of our love [F]paints rainbows [Gm]everywhere [C]we go. I [F]need you [C]all my life, [Dm]you're my [Am]hope, you're my pride. In [A#]your arms I [C]find my heaven. In [Am]your eyes [Dm]my sea and sky. My [A#]love is [C7]all love [F]paradise

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